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Line Marking

Discover Line Marking Melbourne from Simply Painting and Decorating Company. We offer a wide range of services coupled with many years of experience.

Car Parks and Factories line markings are vital in traffic flow control as they keep both the drivers and pedestrians safe. Simply Painting and Decorating Line Marking Melbourne specializes in the following areas:-
  • Line Marking Melbourne Car Parks
  • Car Bays
Car Bays for permit holders - This includes residents, business or visitors’ permits. Line Marking Melbourne permit holder signs convey controlled hours on how these bays are to be used by permit holders.

Pay and Display Park Bays - This is where you purchase a ticket on arrival from a nearby machine and display your ticket from your windscreen.

We as do line marking for club car park bays as well.

Line Marking Melbourne also paints and decorates doctor park bays near hospitals or medical institutions. This enables doctors to quickly get their cars especially on emergency call out.

Disabled Symbols

We paint and decorate the handicapped parking areas in the car park which are usually near entrance to buildings.

A single disabled space painting requires twelve feet to accommodate a vehicle and an extra five feet space for the handicapped person’s movement.

Directional Arrows

Line Marking Melbourne paints and decorates directional arrows in car parks for safety and easy traffic control. The size of the arrows varies from one car park to another, but they should be visible from a distance.

Pedestrian Crossing

We locate an appropriate site for painting and decorating a crosswalk. This could be near stop sign or traffic light.

Numbering and Lettering

We use artistic numbering and lettering to enhance readability in line marking. We first identify the placement and size of the numbers, letters and any visuals that will be used.
  • Line Marking Melbourne in Factories
  • Factory Safety Lines
Line marking Melbourne marks factory floors with well-defined paint lines showing designated areas for each task.

We first clean the floor and remove dirt and grease from the floor to be marked

Pedestrian Symbol

We can paint and decorate the following types of pedestrian symbols in factories: - Bicycles left pedestrians right, pedestrian crossing, School (also used for pedestrian crosswalk near schools), State law stop for pedestrians in crosswalk, and many more.

Forklift Symbol

Some of the forklift symbols that we can paint and decorate include: - warning signs, stock vector, and forklift with wording added, forklift warehouse safety stencils, forklift hazard signs and many more

Numbering and Lettering

We ensure that our paintings and decorations in the factories are clearly numbered and the letters are readable to the staff and visitors. This is important for safety purposes.

Pedestrian Crossing

We clearly mark paths where pedestrians are allowed to cross within a factory. This is mostly emphasized at the road intersections and in corners.

Line Marking Melbourne at a Glance

With our experience, be assured of the best painting and decorations in line markings.

We are specialists in:-

Car parks (Car bays, disabled symbols, Arrows, pedestrian Crossings, Numbering and Lettering).
Factories(Safety Lines, Pedestrians Symbol, Forklift Symbol, Numbering & Lettering and Pedestrian crossings).

Contact us for quality work and best results at Simply Painting & Decorating for Line Marking in Melbourne.

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